The DryKnuckle BedHeads

The DryKnuckle BedHeads are…

  • Mike Fusco
  • Chris Moore

Mike is a talented and prolific singer/songwriter and performer who I am fortunate to call my best friend. He has been an advocate for my songwriting since before I could play guitar, making my very first album — One Step Behind the Finish Line (2003) — possible by helping me to master and manufacture that project. More importantly, he listened with great attention and intensity to all of my subsequent music, no matter how unpolished my instrumental and recording abilities were at those times. Moreover, he always knew — and still knows — even my most obscure, oddball lyrics!

Our first collaboration was on a project called Meaningless as a band of three: me, Mike, and (his brother and my high school/college friend) Jim Fusco. In addition to the songs we wrote together, Mike welcomed me to contribute some lyrics to a song he was working on titled “Waking Light.” That song’s driving tempo and vivid lyrics (the ones written before I had the honor of adding on!) captured my imagination, and I’ve spent years trying to play that song as dynamically as Mike can on acoustic guitar. Ultimately, our Meaningless album was not to be completed, but we talked and dreamed about those co-written songs for years after.

Eventually, we all teamed up again — along with bassist Cliff Huizenga and background vocalist Becky Daly — to form the band Masters of the Universe, or “MoU” for short. Our music that I remember most fondly was a testament to the strength of our united abilities, as it featured a fusion of the best of our individual songwriting and the best of our combined performances. While our first album, the self-titled Masters of the Universe (2006), was composed of mostly individual contributions, our collaborative songwriting and group-recorded background vocals became the highlights of our follow-up record, Homestead’s Revenge (2008). We accomplished a great deal in a few years — including live performances, band-hosted Christmas parties, and more — but too much was changing for us as individuals for the group to last beyond the release of the aforementioned second album.

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