A Very DryKnuckle Christmas

2018’s Christmas with the BedHeads [single]

At their best, Christmas songs are versatile, evolving entities. Across the past decade and more, “Christmas (From Now On)” has exemplified that for me. It was conceived in December 2008 as a way to work out my grief at losing my grandmother and my depression following a difficult breakup.

Over the years, it has evolved into an affirmation of rediscovered love (and subsequent marriage) as well as abiding friendships, and it is a song that I play every December with Mike Fusco at Shed Zeppelin. It can be acoustic or full-out electric or even a cappella, but my favorite is our DryKnuckle BedHeads studio recording, which I’m sharing below in anticipation of the Christmas season.

One good track deserves another, so you’ll also have the chance to listen to Mike’s contribution: “Angel on My Tree,” one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time, complete with soaring background vocals — “angelic,” you might say? — and a driving bass line that belies a tender and heartfelt message. This song is characteristic of my bandmate’s strengths, packing Yuletide allusions and inside references into a gorgeous pop rock track that I’ve loved jamming to for years and was honored to finally help record.

Both songs are available — along with healthy doses of positive energy and some of the best music you’ll ever hear — at MikeFusco.com, which you should check out regularly if you do not already do so.

“Christmas (From Now On)”

+ “Angel on My Tree”

= A Very DryKnuckle Christmas, available HERE!

(scroll down to the second music player on the page)

From the DryKnuckle BedHeads to you, Merry Christmas!