Jamdemic: The Great Song Exchange (2020)

[Project overview coming soon…]


1. “Everyday Escape” [Chris Moore]

2. “What I Need, What I Got” [Mike Fusco]

3. “One” [Chris Moore]

4. “Euphoria” [Mike Fusco]

5. “Piles of Love Letters” [Chris Moore]

6. “Tag (You’re It)” [Mike Fusco]

7. “Exactly Happy” [Chris Moore]

8. “I Love the Way You Hate Me” [Mike Fusco]

9. “Sacrifice” [Chris Moore]

10. “Our First Year” [Mike Fusco]

11. “Marie” [Chris Moore]

12. “On the Map” [Mike Fusco]

13. “Girl of the World” [Chris Moore]

14. “Colors of Summer” [Mike Fusco]

15. “Good Night Now” [Chris Moore]

16. “Every Time I Look at You” [Mike Fusco]

17. “She Remains to Be” [Chris Moore]

18. “My Home Town (Song for Wallingford)” [Mike Fusco]

19. “Won’t You Stay?” [Chris Moore]

20. “Wounded Soul” [Mike Fusco]

21. “Seventeen” [Chris Moore]

22. “Papier-Mâché (We’d Still Be Standing There)” [Mike Fusco]

23. “Shut Up, Bob” [Chris Moore]

24. “Already Feel Better Seeing You” [Mike Fusco]

25. “Happy is You” [Chris Moore]

26. “Die Trying” [Mike Fusco]

27. “Not Today” [Chris Moore]

28. “Heart and Mind” [Mike Fusco]

29. “Your Arms Like Mine” [Chris Moore]

30. “Dark Passenger” [Mike Fusco]


31. “Looking for You” [Chris Moore]

32. “Be the Man” [Mike Fusco]

33. “A Different Person Than I Am” [Chris Moore]

34. “Can You Please Look at Me?” [Mike Fusco]

35. “All I’ve Got to Save” [Chris Moore]

36. “Until We Touch Again” [Mike Fusco]

37. “His Girl” [Chris Moore]

38. “The Flower Song” [Mike Fusco]

39. “Keep On Going” [Chris Moore]

40. “Extension of My Soul” [Mike Fusco]

41. “First Sadness Symphony” [Chris Moore]

42. “A Girl Named California” [Mike Fusco]

43. “Pep Talk” [Chris Moore]

44. “Love Hasn’t Changed” [Mike Fusco]

45. “Take You Back (This is War)” [Chris Moore]

46. “Fast Forward” [Mike Fusco]

47. “Out of the Picture” [Chris Moore]

48. “(Not Your) Resting Place” [Mike Fusco]

49. “Sharing” [Chris Moore]

50. “Shooting Stars” [Mike Fusco]

51. “These Simple Chords” [Chris Moore]

52. “Don’t Drift Away” [Mike Fusco]

53. “Friendly Eyes” [Chris Moore]

54. “You’re Alright” [Mike Fusco]

55. “My First Song” [Chris Moore]

56. “White Noise” [Mike Fusco]

57. “Everything (You Are)” [Chris Moore]

58. “Why?” [Mike Fusco]

59. “Writing Thousand Kingdom Blues” [Chris Moore]

60. “Winter Feeling” [Mike Fusco]


61. “Simplicity” [Chris Moore]

62. “Inside Joke” [Mike Fusco]

63. “The Same Place Talking Thing” [Chris Moore]

64. “Thoughts of You” [Mike Fusco]

65. “Morgan Rhey” [Chris Moore]

66. “A Rich Man” [Mike Fusco]

67. “Work That Cannot Be Won” [Chris Moore]

68. “All in a Day’s Work” [Mike Fusco]

69. “Don’t Mind If I Do” [Chris Moore]

70. “Weak Days” [Mike Fusco]

71. “Holes in Our Heads” [Chris Moore]

72. “Second Time Around” [Mike Fusco]

73. “Break On Through” [Chris Moore]

74. “Don’t Make It Time to Say Goodbye” [Mike Fusco]

75. “The Way That It Should Be” [Chris Moore]

76. “You Are My Love” [Mike Fusco]

77. “She Got Over Me” [Chris Moore]

78. “Crazy Love” [Mike Fusco]

79. “Plastic Doll” [Chris Moore]

80. “No False Alarm” [Mike Fusco]

81. “The Ballad of Bill Meyer and Jackson Smith” [Chris Moore]

82. “A Nurse’s Song” [Mike Fusco]

83. “Reality Blues” [Chris Moore]

84. “I Adore You” [Mike Fusco]

85. “All the Days” [Chris Moore]

86. “I Already Know It’s You” [Mike Fusco]

87. “The Possibility of Us” [Chris Moore]

88. “Voodoo Doll” [Mike Fusco]

89. “Prom Evening #1” [Chris Moore]

90. “Nonnie” [Mike Fusco]


91. “But He Don’t Know” [Chris Moore]

92. “Talking in Circles” [Mike Fusco]

93. “Backstage (For Dave Fowler)” [Chris Moore]

94. “If It Were Up to Me” [Mike Fusco]

95. “Losin’ Your Charm” [Chris Moore]

96. “Girls and Guitars” [Mike Fusco]

97. “Mystery Girl” [Chris Moore]

98. “Win and Lose” [Mike Fusco]

99. “Simple-Talkin’ Girl” [Chris Moore]

100. “My Sweetheart” [Mike Fusco]

101. “Some Nights” [Chris Moore]

102. “How I Held You… Back” [Mike Fusco]

103. “Truth and You” [Chris Moore]

104. “What Have I Done?” [Mike Fusco]

105. “Can I Do Something?” [Chris Moore]

106. “Getting Lost” [Mike Fusco]

107. “Silliness and Respectability Approached” [Chris Moore]

108. “Close at Hand” [Mike Fusco]

109. “Win Your Love” [Chris Moore]

110. “Things Haven’t Been Right” [Mike Fusco]

111. “All Night Talkin’” [Chris Moore]

112. “Tug of War” [Mike Fusco]

113. “Had My Fill” [Chris Moore]

114. “Kindness is Overrated” [Mike Fusco]

115. “Cavalier” [Chris Moore]

116. “Look up at the Sky” [Mike Fusco]

117. “Days of Our Youth” [Chris Moore]

118. “Wish for a Bit Less” [Mike Fusco]

119. “Worn Out” [Chris Moore]

120. “Some Things Never Get Old” [Mike Fusco]


[Currently in progress…]