During the pandemic, DKBH has connected with a Great Song Exchange, dubbed “Jamdemic.”

  • Each day since Mike’s birthday (April 6), the BedHeads have swapped an acoustic live performance of an original song.
  • Mike has focused on previously unrecorded tracks.
  • Thus far, 126 songs have been shared (as of June 13, 2020)!
  • You can find the song selections, photos, and more on the “Jamdemic” page (available via the menu above).

Recording sessions for McCall Herakles, Are You Human? have begun.

  • The duo’s debut album is being recorded at Feel Like Makin’ Loft, in the Bowl of StudiOs.
  • Preliminary track listings suggest that McCall Herakles, Are You Human? will be the first of two full-length albums of original, co-written DKBH songs.
  • Mike and Chris live on opposite coasts, so their schedule of sessions is spread out over a long period of time.
  • Updates will be posted here as they become available!

The first DKBH (live) recordings are available.

  • Mike contributed his songwriter’s sensibilities, multi-instrumental prowess, and cinematic sense of arrangement to Chris’ solo album The 2010 Project (2011) from August 2010 to July 2011.
  • One sunny February afternoon during those sessions, they paused to play some live music, including three of Mike’s songs and one by Chris that wasn’t slated for his album.
  • Those live tracks are now available on the Scratching the Surface [EP], free to stream via the menu above.