My World Now (in production)

Unfreezing the Frame (July 24, 2012)

The 2010 Project (July 19, 2011)

Weekend Demos (June 2007)

Love Out of Fashion (January 19, 2006)

Something They Thought It Should Be (June 21, 2005)

Looking for You (February 14, 2005)

Cheating the Evening (January 30, 2005)

Wish I Knew (December 25, 2004)

One Step Behind the Finish Line (November 25, 2004; recorded January 20, 2003)

DKBH (The DryKnuckle BedHeads):

A Very DryKnuckle Christmas (Winter 2018) – DKBH

Scratching the Surface [EP] (Summer 2011) – DKBH

MoU (Masters of the Universe):

Homestead’s Revenge (April 1, 2008) – MoU

Masters of the Universe (March 31, 2006) – MoU


Jamnation 1 EP (October 9, 2007) – Chris, Jim, and Jeff

Meaningless: Echoes of Dreams EP (October 31, 2006) – Chris, Jim, and Mike / MoU

Live in the Studio (November 25, 2004) – Chris, Jim, and Becky

Our Christmas Gift to You (November 25, 2004) – Chris, Jim, and Mike


MoU Christmas Concert 2006 [2-CD Set] (December 2007) – MoU

Live at the Pine Loft (March 15, 2004) – Chris, Jim, and Becky


The Best of Chris Moore (December 20, 2005) – Chris Moore


“What Left to Do?” (May 15, 2006) – MoU

“The Ballad of Al & Ruth”/”Daddy Sang Bass” (August 30, 2005) – Chris Moore

“Jaime Elizabeth” / “Sacrifice” (September 7, 2004) – Chris Moore


“These Streets”/”That Was the Day”/”Only A Dream”/”What Have I Done?”/”Home” Live at SCSU Open Mic Night 2008 [YouTube Video Release] (April 3, 2008) – Chris, Jim, Mike, & Jeff

MoU Christmas Concert 2006 [DVD] (December 2007) – MoU

“These Streets”/”What Have I Done?”/”When I Go” Live at SCSU Open Mic Night 2007 [YouTube Video Release] (April 1, 2007) – MoU

“Sober”/”What Have I Done?”/”Please Stay” Live at the Webster Theater [YouTube Video Release] (September 24, 2006) – MoU

“Don’t Be That Way”/”Sometimes” Live at WPLR’s Buried at the Beach Concert [YouTube Video Release] (September 24, 2006) – MoU

MoU Live: Volume 1 [DVD] (July 28, 2006) – MoU


“More Naughty Than Nice” (December 2021) – Jim Fusco (sleigh bells and hand claps; song written by Jim Fusco and Mike Fusco)

Reconnecting (August 14, 2021) – Jim Fusco (collaborated on lyrics to 8 tracks: “She Got the Moves,” “Cliche,” “Love is a Maze, Pt. 1,” “Love is a Maze, Pt. 2,” “Look at the Times,” “It Never Gets Old,” “Reconnecting,” & “Get Right and Ride On”)

Halfway There (April 7, 2009) – Jim Fusco (Acoustic guitar on “Write It All” & “Ruins”; Lead vocals on “Write It All”; Backing vocals on “Tuning In” & “Ruins”)

What About Today? [Enhanced CD] (May 2, 2005) – Jim Fusco (Filming on “Pack Your Love” & “It’s You” solo acoustic performance music videos)

“Heroes & Villains” Fan-Created Music Video [Entry in Brian Wilson’s SMiLE DVD Music Video Contest] (Early 2005) – Jim Fusco (Filming; minor roles: guard with “Mike Love run” and police officer who says “You’re under arrest!”)

The Best of Jim Fusco, Vol. 1 [DVD] (September 2004) – Jim Fusco (Filming on 13 music videos; minor roles: man without his glasses in “What An Outsider Sees,” post-change wizard in “A Changed Man,” voiceover intro in “Strummin'”; acoustic guitar & vocals in 3 live videos)

That’s All Folks (November 27, 2003) – Jim Fusco (Harmonica on “Dirty Dish Rag”)

My Other Half (June 20, 2002) – Jim Fusco  (Backing vocals on “Why Do You”; Lead vocals on “What Did I Expect?”)

“Roll Off My Back” [CD Single] (2001) – Jim Fusco (Co-wrote B-side “Walkin’ in the Dark”; included vocals-only C. Moore song “Confusing Looks” as bonus track)


Hobo Johnson & the Acoustics – Chris Moore