Love Out of Fashion (2006)

Love Out Of Fashion (2006)

1 That Little Something

2 Goodnight Now

3 Happy Is You

4 Exactly Happy

5 Talkin’ For All He Knows

6 Thinking of You

7 All the Days

8 Feel For Love

“That Little Something” (C. Moore)

I know you’re here, I know you’re somewhere / I feel you near, but are you all there? / And now you’ve got that little something / But you’re not happy / Someone said you know the way; the way, the way / To me, I’m right behind you / That poet told me what to do to find you

I’m looking for you, I’ve said that before / And I still do, hold out for just you / And now I’ve got some sort of something / I think it’s clear / You’ve known the way I hold you dear; you dear, you dear / It’s me I’m right behind you / That columnist wrote me what to do to get you

We’ve had our day, we lost our way / It’s not a crime to take your time / As long as you have a tomorrow / But you’re uncertain / Don’t you know that’s the way; the way, the way / To me I’m right behind you / The army told me what to do to find you

Hundreds of times he’s taking it / Thousands of vibes have shaken it / Millions of men forgetting this / Countless dream deaths awaken it

I know He’s here, I heard Him somewhere / And who is with Him?  Not the fools we’ve seen? / You know He holds forever something / But are you ready? / I can tell He knows the way; the way, the way / To me, it’s there inside me / There’s nothing I can do, can’t pay the dues to find you

“Goodnight Now” (C. Moore)

Constantly / You are with me / When I’m held inside / These walls / Certainly / You’ve been with me / For a year or more / I know you made / The difference

And when we’re here / There is no fear / We’re not going anywhere / Yet when we leave / We three conceive / Of other dreams / To sleep on / Good night, now

This song may be simple / Yet it’s the only way I could think to say / My life’s been unaware of / The life you’ve offered unto my own

Pleasantly / We move with ease / Not thinking that / We’ll leave / Avoiding you / I could never do / Considering that / I’m drawn to you / When I think of you

“Happy is You” (C. Moore)

You’re the reason I put the chapstick on my lips / Every night before I go to bed / ‘Cause I know it’s your lips mine might be meeting / You’re the reason I wash around / The back of my neck and behind my ears / ‘Cause your hands deserve no less and affection is fleeting

You make me happy to be alive / You make me happy to be the one to have you by my side

You’re the reason I take the hair off of my face / Every morning before I leave / ‘Cause I know that you’ll see the smoothness in me / You’re the reason I clip my nails / On a regular basis instead of never at all / ‘Cause even my feet feel the need to impress you

It’s because of you I dance around / When there’s no music and there’s no sound / Because I hear your voice and I can find it in my mind / You’re the reason I have a reason / To stick around for another season / Because I see your face in its place beside my own

“Exactly Happy” (C. Moore)

It was Tuesday night, I’m not talking about you now / She hadn’t been right for a long time, I can’t say how / The downtown café lounge had always been my friend / Was I supposed to have known it was bound to be our end? / It was just another couples’ night / We had just come down from another fight / Starlight leaked in above, I was walking into a cliché / My girl was exceptionally fine, that’s all I’m gonna say / The smile on her lips must’ve been a frown gone underground / In desperation, I took her by the waist in haste / That’s when she asserted / ‘I don’t even know you anymore’

You know my story, you know my song / You know the way I feel about you, love / I can’t say I’m exactly happy

Big Tom behind the bar saw it coming from a mile / He hid the champagne, he knew we wouldn’t need it for a while / Just then, the floorboards creaked and down came the house / The jig was up, the band had stopped, it was time for cat and mouse / That’s when I told her / ‘This can’t really be happening’ / ‘Want those?  Not these?  Well I must not know a thing? / You wanted to go to a karaoke bar, I didn’t even know you could sing! / What do you expect me to do?  Take us to Cancun? / Tomorrow?  You just told me now!  I deserve a little warning! / That’s when she said to me / ‘When is this all gonna end?’

We’re living in another state now / We’re living with different people / Everything is always happy now / It’s nothing like those days; do you remember when…

It was Tuesday night, our evening to cavort / We were talking too loud, your dress was probably too short / My smile was way too wide, we should’ve known it wouldn’t last / If only we could go back, ah, but that’s all in the past

“Talkin’ For All He Knows” (C. Moore)

Ronald Harold Stanton the Third / Of upper class ties and family / Did embark upon a journey to see / The untamed women who, across the sea, / Wait patiently for you and me / For he knows of their intentions / Ronald Stanton of practically royal birth / Took a cab to his train / And boarded a plane to Madrid Spain / Because he had no strength to exercise the pain / That comes from a relationship / For he knows of their conclusions / Janet Branch, a friend of similar birth, / Those upper class ties and family, / Could not decipher his difficult ways / Yet didn’t want to be the one who stays / She drank herself away / She knew not of risks nor gambles / Her parents and sisters could not understand / There was no one to pay or reprimand / So they moved to a house on the beach, the sand / The fishing was banned, but the girls could get tanned / They said they never liked the place / They had moved out of their mansion / Bobby Siphon sold car accessories / He never cared much for sanity / When questioned by his analyst / He responded in a most demeaning tone / As if we ought to know / There’s no resale value in mankind / Bobby Siphon couldn’t stand the man / He wanted all of his paycheck in the palm of his hand / Maybe then he could buy an automobile / And arrange for himself a very lucrative deal / He biked his way to work / And, one day, into a lake near Springfield / Meanwhile Ronald was back in the states / Not feeling any better since he invested in fate / He joined a church but didn’t like the dues / He decided he was the kind of person who sues / He tripped on the handicap ramp / The Reverend was at his funeral / They lowered him down, and they said, “God bless.”

“Thinking of You” (C. Moore)

Your crystal ball is hardly a find, thinking / You’re running out of time / You’re looking for someone to tell you everything / Well, you know I don’t mind / I’m waiting at home / For someone unknown / Take a stool inside the barroom of my mind / Come in here all the time / It’s karaoke night every day, baby / But do you know the words? / They’re up on the screen / Do you know what they mean?

Someday I’m gonna wake up happy / You know I know the dreams you’ve been going through / I guess I best move on to someone new / You know I’m the only one / You know I’m the only one / You know I’ll be the final one thinking of you

You don’t know where to find a man who’s Mr. Right / Flip through the classifieds / I know you’re Mrs. Wrong but you don’t understand / They say that I am right / I am on my own / You are barely known

Thought I knew me; Thought I knew me  some / You are holy; I am only wanting some

Next Friday would have been the anniversary / Of me being alone / Will you go out to celebrate the while with me / Or should we stay at home? / Talking on the phone / Our motives unknown

“All the Days” (C. Moore)

All the things we shared gone out the window / And out below to where I don’t know / All the nights in Brooklyn listening to Elvis / Discussing ins and outs of the hair gel regime / You in the shower shaking all your hair down / Wondering what you’d do with all that shampoo / Me at the nightstand trying to write these words down / Wondering how much time I’d have to rhyme

Before you’d gone and taken it all away / All the days of wondering what to say

Me in the pawn shop trying to sell my dad’s watch / Thinking how I’ll buy you a big diamond ring / Not sure about much but that’ll add security / ‘Cause in a temporary world gotta do more than sing / I’ll move out to Idaho working at a tractor show / It doesn’t sound like much but it’s a way to get by / Maybe when I get there I’ll have time to write some words down / I’ve always had the itch to and I’ve never known why

You at a friend’s house decking all your body out / Paint on your nails, girl, and curlers in your hair / Talking about your boyfriends and everything about them / That makes you want to never take them anywhere / I’ll move on to Europe and learn myself a language / I’ll have to change my money in for a different type / That’s kind of like the people we keep in our lives / When the economy is bad nothing seems to work

You on the high ground talking through your eyeballs / Me trying to understate the factors in our lives / You in the shower yelling about my other friends / Me at the nightstand trying to survive / It’s been over seven years but still I’m stuck in second gear / And suddenly I realize I’m in a tractor-trailer / I still live in town without a younger family / I haven’t really loved again since you left me

Here I am again now trying to write these words down / But finally I’ve realized they don’t have to rhyme…

“Feel For Love” (C. Moore)

The people I’m in love with tonight / Aren’t enough to make me feel all done / With the searching for the people / I’m gonna have in my life / By far the faces I see every day / Have the power to make me feel nearby / But there’s a long way to go / For me to feel it in the air every hour / Of the day, there isn’t that much to say / Wake up after noon, fall in bed when the morning comes. / It isn’t you I take to make me feel for love’s own sake / I love the people I see everyday / And I could never tell them to go away / That I could be much happier / Is something I could never say / Of all the times that I have talked with you / The ones were few that I knew you were true / I know it’s just the way you are / It wouldn’t feel so very far if you were you / I don’t know who you are sometimes / I can’t see where you’ve drawn the lines / It’s comfortable, but I don’t feel anymore / I’m not sure what I have this lifetime for…