That’s, like, sooo last year… The 2010 Project arrives!

By Chris Moore:

Okay, so I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, and I’m doing this mainly because I’m almost forty-four hours into a zombie-like state of affairs.  The past two days have proved equal parts fascinating and frustrating as I’ve navigated the web, exploring all manner of ways to make The 2010 Project available easily and reliably to anyone who might desire to listen.

Suffice it to say that, in the end, I’ve opened up a new website which will be solely dedicated to making the works I’ve discussed on this site available to listen to, read, sample, buy, or otherwise experience.  This new site is the “Hear Moore Read Moore Store” — HMRM for short– (if memory serves, which it often doesn’t, I’m indebted to Nicole for the name), and it has four dimensions: music, books, music reviews, and book reviews.  I’ll have much more to come about this new site, as well as the very exciting, very recent founding of the label that released my new album: EmEff Records.  There’ll be much more to learn in the coming months, so stay tuned for that!

So, in the name of brevity, here’s the deal.  I haven’t released an all-new, studio-production album since 2006.  Today, Tuesday, July 19, 2011, marks the fifth and a halfth (sp?) anniversary of the release of Love Out of Fashion, that aforementioned previous album.

Today marks the release date of my seventh full-length album.  I haven’t released one since the formation, duration, and/or demise of mOu, and in some ways, The 2010 Project is acutely concerned with friendship, as well as romantic relationships, and what to do after a harsh split.

It was my “2010 project” to come to terms with my life (i.e. accepting myself for who I am, being comfortable with asserting myself, etc.).  Essentially, my project was to heal and — after years on a social roller coaster, as well as working tirelessly to prove myself as a newcomer in my profession — my project was to enjoy life again.

I hope you’ll listen.  I hope you’ll appreciate the passion that drove these recordings.  I hope you’ll relate.

Finishing The 2010 Project was the catalyst for establishing, so this is a landmark occasion.  It is a time to look back and appreciate past projects which have concluded.

And to begin thinking about new ones yet to come…

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2 Responses to That’s, like, sooo last year… The 2010 Project arrives!

  1. FikeMusco says:

    So if HMRM becomes the review and music site, what content will be displayed on cmm and laptopsessions? Ps. Cannot stop singing your album- “cuz I’m on a roll bein outta control” 🙂

    • Fusc! 🙂 Great question. I hadn’t really thought it all the way out, I was more focused on getting the album available. But I’m thinking: CMM is for blogging, discography, and all things music-related (lyrics, live dates, etc.). LS is for music reviews and, if I can feel inspired again, cover song music videos. Finally, HMRM is for selling (music and books), as well as a place to post reviews if LS should ever end. Thoughts?

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