Ten Years Ago on a Blog Like This

Ten years ago, I released a solo album titled The 2010 Project. Had I known the recording process would last a year from the first track recorded to the final mix, I would have settled on a different title.

That said, I also would have denied myself the confusion-inducing joy of referring to it as “2011’s The 2010 Project.”

The 2010 Project (2011)

So, why the simple — bordering on uninspired — title? From my final blog post: “It was my ‘2010 project’ to come to terms with my life (i.e., accepting myself for who I am, being comfortable with asserting myself, etc.). Essentially, my project was to heal and… to enjoy life again.”

Unfreezing the Frame (2012)

I pressed “publish” on that final post, launched a website (the HMRM Store at HearMooreReadMoore.com) that could host the songs and make them available for purchase, and walked away from the blogging component of ChrisMooreMusic.com. Unfortunately, in leaving the blog as the home page, it has seemed that I haven’t been very productive over the past decade.

In fact, the ensuing years have gone something like this: I wrote and recorded an acoustic album the year after The 2010 Project; I began working closely with Mike Fusco in the DryKnuckle BedHeads (playing live music in his studio, writing new songs, and recording a pair of original Christmas songs); I decided to discontinue the increasingly costly HMRM Store, effectively wiping my music off the internet; to rise above the stress of the pandemic, Mike and I traded acoustic performances of a combined 167 songs from our personal catalogs; I wrote a new album’s worth of songs grappling with themes of death, grief, and empowerment; and after 12 years, I reunited with my longtime songwriting partner and former bandmate Jim Fusco to contribute lyrics to his excellent, timely new album Reconnecting (click here).

DKBH – Live at Shed Zeppelin!

My next album will be released next year, but in addition to that new music, I’ve had the urge to blog again, to fill in this timeline more thoroughly. If you’ve read this far, you might be interested to learn some of the songs I have written and projects I have participated in over the past decade.

My World Now (2021)

I hope you will check back in soon, and especially in time for the 2022 release of My World Now!

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