There’s a jumpstart around the corner!

By Chris Moore:

Yes, I’m still around, still tinkering on the guitar (though much less than I’d like to be), and still working on the album (if only in the confines of my mind).

And still bloggin’!

Hi there.  It’s me.  Been a while.  I’m writing this very brief post as a means of previewing the good shtuff that’s finally finally finally just around the corner.  Let’s do this thang list style:

1) First my grad class final is in two days, so after that passes, I’ll be using that time again to work on the 2010 Project.  Which will, by that time, practically be the 2011 Project.

2) The album order has shifted yet again, as I’ve been working with new songs, jettisoning the old ones, and I’m itching to get back to recording.  It’s been over two months since the last 2010 Project session!

3) The end of the year means big doin’s around the Weekend Review as I write the final music reviews of the year (about six left on my contract) and assemble the end of the year lists (which are improved and expanded for 2010), all of which has traditionally been posted at the Laptop Sessions blog.  I will continue to post all these lovely lists there, but the decision needs to be made some time early in January: to continue at or to work exclusively from this site.  I’m torn, considering that I love the project and how big it’s gotten, but at the same time, the social fabric feels all wrong and I miss the camaraderie that once existed, at least between two of the members.  I may need to solicit advice on this one.

4) Finally, all the original music goodies:

– Starting in January, I will begin a series devoted to the new material here on the CMM Blog.  Each post in the series will highlight one song and will include lyrics, some back story, and a live acoustic performance. This will all lead up to the release of the album in early to mid 2011.

– Recording sessions will recommence during my winter break (the last week of December), and so will the 2010 Project entries that followed the first seven days of recording.  Expect pictures and clips and, hopefully, progress!

– Last but not least, I leave a tidbit that begins today…  my blog is back on Twitter: @CMMBlog!  A couple months ago, I had issues and had to block my Twitter account.  While my personal account remains blocked, the CMM Blog account is up and running and that ugly “ERROR” message is finally removed from the face of the blog.

So, in short, there’s lots coming soon.  Even this post, which I promised would be brief, is bursting towards 500 words.  Take this as a preview of lots of good stuff around the corner in 2011.

Now, if I could only decide what to do about the title of my album…

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2 Responses to There’s a jumpstart around the corner!

  1. I want to start the series this coming week, or next week at the latest. Once I start, I know I won’t be able to rest until I finish the series and the album, so get ready to hear lots of Chris Moore music! 😉

    I’m still considering The 2010 Project as a title. Possible slogan: “That’s sooo 2010.”

    Maybe not. We should talk…

  2. Hey! Looking forward to your acoustic song performances!!! If you want to bounce around album title ideas, let me know. 🙂

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