The 2010 Project 2011 Preview Series: Part Two

Happy Monday, and welcome to the second installment of my preview series for The 2010 Project.  Today, it is my pleasure to bring you an acoustic version of an all-electric track on my new album, a song called “I Would (Prefer Not To).”

As you listen, try to imagine this with electric guitar and power chords rumbling across teh track…

“I Would” came to me one day as I messed around with simple barre chords.  This is one of the oldest tracks on the album, hailing from back when I lived in my apartment two summers ago.  From a simple D-A riff, “I Would” unfolded as a message I’d been unable to express previously.  It is a song written to a friend following a fall-out, outlining frustrations and mixed feelings regarding recent events.  The first two lines express my frustration better than anything I’ve written before or since, and the choruses are also very expressive of what I’d been thinking that summer.

So, I hope you enjoy this preview track and look forward to the full version on The 2010 Project when it drops later this year.

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