Day four: the album opener

By Chris Moore:

Although every conceivable distraction arose this morning and afternoon, I am happy to report that I found enough time to record the core tracks for “No Lights, No Sound,” the scheduled album opener for The 2010 Project.

I wrote this track years ago, setting the opening lines in reality, writing them as I walked around the dark hallways at home.  Then, a year and a half ago, I rewrote some of the lyrics during a difficult breakup.  Finally, a few months ago, I rearranged the lyrics one final time to make one complete song that I felt had urgency for me in the present day.  I even took a few lines from an old song that never made it past the lyric phase to finish off the song’s fourth verse (“You took a piece out of me, a piece of the puzzle…”).

Needless to say, this song has survived many years in many forms and I’m excited to say that it still fits my vision for the opening track.  So many aspects of this album have changed — i.e. the songs formerly in the second and third slots have slid down or been eliminated, etc. — but “No Lights, No Sound” has remained steady in the number one slot.

And there’s a lot of pressure for it to live up to my expectations, as well as be a strong album starter.

This recording session found me again facing a difficult tempo change, so, after some frustrating setbacks, I had to get creative, again calling on an outside metronome for the first segment of the song.  Later, upon playback, the acoustic guitar tracks were buzzing and sounded generally sloppy.  So, I redoubled my efforts and took the time to re-record them.

The results are far from finished, and among other features, I’m hoping to convince Mike Fusco to help me out with the acoustic intro to the song.  For now, though, have a listen to the early, incomplete mix and imagine what it will be like when it is complete.

“No Lights, No Sound” (Rough)

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