Day five: lots of frustration, only a little to show…

By Chris Moore:

Aside from calluses, I don’t have a whole lot to show for today, especially considering how much time I spent recording this afternoon.  The bad news is that I spent well over an hour working on “Work Time, Get in Line,” and due to technical difficulties (user error, believe it or not…) and unimpressive takes, I ended up scrapping the entire session.  In the end, though, I came up with — finally! — a strong acoustic track and a lead vocal, but unfortunately, not much more.

I moved on from that song to work on “Goodbye, So Long,” the only co-written track on the album — and what a group effort it was, being the product of four songwriters.  (If you’re a Laptop Sessions faithful, you’ll remember the group performance that we did of this track on the night we wrote the first half of the song.)  I began with the drum tracks, and then began practicing the song.  For some reason, most likely because I was drained after the first song I worked on, I kept miscounting segments of the song and I lost several takes because the drum track was too short or long in certain segments of the song.  Finally, I completed the drum track accurately, and continued to record acoustic parts.

My goal had been to record an acoustic track and the lead vocal, but alas, it was simply not meant to be.  Dinner intervened, and I realized I was drained and had to accept that I’ll do a much better job tomorrow.

So, onward and upward to tomorrow it is!

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