Day eleven: “One” down, two to go…

Today was another productive day, especially considering that I got a relatively late start and only worked until late morning.  The song of the day was “One,” a fairly simple little song — bordering on sonically ho-hum, if you’d asked me previously — but one with great lyrical verve.

The session started off on a bad note, as my guitar tuner finally stopped working.  It has been finicky for days now, as though the batteries were dying or there was a short in the wiring.

Deciding to replace the battery was not as simple as I had hoped.

Well, I had to pry the stubborn battery hatch open with pliers, “borrow” the 9-volt from my smoke detector — I clearly have my priorities in order! — and all this only to realize that it still didn’t work.  My eventual solution was one of a desperate man, driven by the need to record immediately.  I won’t even try to explain; I’ll let you take a look yourself:

Yoda saves the day... by stretching the wires out far enough to temporarily fix the short in the connection, enabling me to tune my guitar!

On to the music…

I laid out the drum tracks when I was recording a demo earlier this summer, so I was able to simply strip off the existing acoustic, electric solo, and vocal tracks before recording new, higher quality performances over the bed of drums.  The results, thanks to several invaluable recording tips from Mike, are very much to my satisfaction.  This studio version of “One” far exceeded my expectations for the song, and instead of considering it a late album track that’s “back there somewhere,” I can’t wait for it to be heard.

Once again, I was extremely blessed to have Mike take time out of his day to drive in the opposite direction of where he was going later in the day just to stop by for a listen and some lunch.  So, for the third day in a row, he listened to my recordings, played around with levels, and added other aspects in the production that have ultimately made “One” sound different, better, and more professional than it otherwise would have.

And I got to extend my break week eating-lunch-out record to 3-0, so that’s not half bad either!  🙂

As a final note, I’ve got two new tracks to record from scratch, and then it’s all overdubs (mainly bass and background vocals), which I hope to at least start by Saturday.

Until tomorrow…

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  1. Thank you for reading them — and for completely making my week! I’ve been telling whoever I can about how this break rocked… literally. 🙂 Here’s to many more weeks of jamming, collaborating, and otherwise rocking out to our original music!

  2. FikeMusco says:

    So stoked for the album, dude! Love the posts

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