Day twelve: on the “Threshold” here…

Thanks to my Mike-inspired marathon of Lost late Thursday night, I had another late start today.  This being the final week day of my February break — and there being not one but two songs left to record! — I got to work as soon as I woke up.

Despite the late start, this was a productive session.  I laid down the drum, acoustic & electric guitar, and lead vocal tracks for my penultimate unrecorded song, “Threshold.”  The results are very encouraging, though there are parts of the lead vocal that I think I could do better on another take.  Also, the intro sounds great on my lovely Bose headphones, but frankly sounds muddy and messy in the car, so I’ll have to reconsider that as well.

When I finished with “Threshold” for the day, I still had time to revisit “Socrates’ Gulps,” a song that I have such high expectations for that it is, as a result, constantly disappointing me upon later review.  Today, I spent a good amount of time deleting and re-recording most of the electric guitars.  I found a killer effect for the riff, but it’s an unstable vibrating sound, so it’s been a lot like taming a wild animal.  Overall, I’m not thrilled with the result, but I’m finally confident that I’ll be able to bring this song up to its potential…

…during a future session.

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